Hornish Goldens 

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Golden Retrievers are the best temperament dog we have ever owned, they are great with children and also the goats which is extremely important to us.  When we lost our Golden "Buddy" we decided to start looking for another one.  We came across the English Cream breed and decided to get both a male and female so we could breed for puppies in the future.  Bobo and Lilly are 100% Registered Golden Retrievers, but they are half English Cream which gives them that nice cream color. While Bobo's sire is 100% English Cream, Lilly's has 100% English Cream dam  and both their other half is 100% American Golden with lighter blonde coloring.  English standards are a stockier and blockier build which were traits we were looking for especially in our female we liked a blockier look to the head rather than the longer nose.  

It all started with with Bobo and Lilly but now we have expanded to 7 breeding dogs. We loved the English Cream lines and we decided to import and expand our breeding program to focus on them.

We are looking forward to providing good quality dogs to others, we feel every home should have a Golden, they are just that GREAT!!

Bobo and Lilly 

Our Current Gang